Version 0.6.3 - April 24th

Download here, only difference is this one should (really) work with Dread Lords.

Version 0.6.2 - April 22nd

Download here, kindly hosted at the Cybertron Shipyards.

Version 0.6.1 - April 15th

Download here, kindly hosted at the Cybertron Shipyards.

Version 0.6 - April 9

Direct download link here. Hopefully found a decent file host, there is a mirror here if there are any problems with the direct link.

Version 0.5 - January 28

Download here.

Version 0.4 - October 5

Yay! Download here.

Missing hulls? - September 10th

For anyone who wants to use Shadow or Vorlon hulls, here are the missing techs. Just unzip the linked file and put the logistics.xml in your ...\GalCiv2\Mods\Babylon5-03a\Data\Techs\ directory.

Version 0.3a - September 2nd

Download here.

Oh No!

0.3 is bugged, working on fix...

Version 0.3 - August 13th

Download here. More mirrors soon.

B5 Techs - July 9th

Basic information about techs for 0.3 can be found in the tech section.

Media Pack - June 28th

Spaxspore has released his media pack, details in this thread.

Version 0.2 - June 24th

A new version, including the Narn race, can be found in the download section.

Version 0.1 - June 16th

The 1.2 patch is available and now so is version 0.1 of my Babylon 5 mod. More info in the download section.

Bones - June 12th

Basics are up, choose a race for some quick info.

New Site - June 11th

Put up this small site describing my GC2 B5 mod to feed the obsessive compulsive disorder beast inside me. GC2 modding is making it very hungry, the more it gets the more it wants.